(From the Memphis Business Journal, July 2009)

When Tommy Earl and Gary Dodson purchased four of Barloworld Truck Center's dealerships in the summer of 2007, they say their $25 million bought the best Barloworld had to offer in the Freightliner business.

"We always say we were blessed to get the best customers and best employees," Earl says.

The service center and dealership locations are in Jackson, TN, Jonesboro, AR, Tupelo, MS, with headquarters in Memphis.  With the purchases, Earl and Dodson formed TAG Truck Enterprises LLC.

The name TAG is an acronym for Tommy and Gary.  Perhaps this intrinsic link between themselves and their business explains TAG's commitment to customer service and satisfaction and their personal touch with the day-to-day operations.

TAG's customer service is in stark contrast to what the South African-owned Barloworld provided, says Mark Cooper, general manager and co-owner of Cooper Freight Service, Inc.

"I have Tommy's and Gary's home numbers and cell numbers," he says.  "One phone call takes care of things usually."

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In November of 2011, TAG Truck Center expanded, purchasing Sikeston, MO-based Duckett Truck Center, with 5 locations in Missouri and Kentucky.

TAG Truck travels for expansion via MBJ, November 2011

TAG Truck Enterprises buys stake in Texas retailer via MBJ January 2015

TAG Plans $20M Development at Old Mall of Memphis Site via the Commercial Appeal January 2016

TAG Truck Center Timeline

  • JULY 2007 - TAG Truck Enterprises formed by Tommy Earl and Gary Dodson.  Acquired 5 locations formerly owned by Barloworld Truck Center.
    • Memphis, TN; Jackson, TN; Jonesboro, AR; West Memphis, AR; Tupelo, MS
  • 2008 - 200% growth in revenues
  • MARCH 2011 - Added medium duty site at 673 Brooks Rd, Memphis, TN.
  • NOVEMBER 2011 - Acquired Duckett Truck Center
    •  Poplar Bluff, MO; Sikeston, MO; Jackson, MO; Farmington, MO; Calvert City, KY
  • DECEMBER 2014 - Purchased 20% stake in Texas based Lonestar Truck Group
  • DECEMBER 2015 - Purchased 113 acres for new facility at old Mall of Memphis site
  • OCTOBER 2018 - Merged with Lonestar Truck Group

Our Mission Statement

We will do what is right.
We will do our best.
We will treat others the way that we want to be treated.

- Tommy Earl, President
- Gary Dodson, CEO